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Scientists can now "print" human-size bones, cartilage and muscle, using a new device called a 3D bioprinter, according to a new study.
The tissue and organ structures produced by the printer could one day be used to replace injured or diseased tissues in human patients, the researchers said.
"This novel tissue and organ printer is an important advance in our quest to make replacement tissue for patients," senior study author Dr. Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, said in a statement. "It can fabricate stable, human-scale tissue of any shape."
The demand for engineered tissues and organs has been on the rise because of the limited availability of donated tissue and organs for transplants in people who need them, the researchers said. One promising way to make these tissues and organs is through the use of precise 3D bioprinters, which can lay cells down onto a scaffold in layers, in specific patterns.
Although scientists had previously engineered relatively simple tissues in the lab, those tissues were not strong enough to be implanted in the body, or they did not re-create enough of the complexity of real human tissues to be useful, the researchers said
Another limitation was these tissues' lack of blood vessels. This constrained the tissues' size, because the nutrients and oxygen that are necessary for maintaining cells cannot not reach far enough into tissues for the cells to survive unless vessels are present, the scientists said. 
Now, with a new 3D printing system, the researchers were able to overcome these challenges, they reported today (Feb. 15) in the journal Nature Biotechnology.
The device prints cells together with polymer materials that help to form and mimic the shape of the original tissues. To overcome the issue of the size limit, the researchers printed a lattice of micro channels throughout the tissues so that nutrients and oxygen could be delivered to cells deep within the tissues. These channels allow "nutrients to get to the cells and keep feeding them so they don't die," Atala told Live Science.
In experiments, the researchers were able to print rabbit cells into human-size ear structures, and then implant these structures under the skin of mice. Two months later, the ear structures maintained their shapes; they had not broken down at all within the body. Moreover, cartilage tissue and blood vessels had formed around the structures, to support them.
The researchers also used mouse and rat cells to print muscle tissue and fragments of skull bones, and implant them into rats. The muscle tissue maintained its structure for at least week, and also developed blood vessels and induced the formation of nerves. The skull fragments had formed bone tissue with blood vessels by five months after being implanted.
The researchers even printed human-size jawbone fragments using human stem cells. The fragments were the size and shape of fragments that would potentially be used for facial reconstruction in people.
However, more research is needed before such 3D printed tissues could be tested in human patients, Atala said.

For example, making tissues that could be transplanted to humans would need to involve clinical-grade human cells, and these would ideally be derived from the patient who would receive the transplanted tissue, the researchers said.
Declaration of CBSE Board Result, CBSE 10th Result 2016 has been announced by Website. So Dear aspirants who are just waiting for some hours for your annual examination result can open the link. In 10th Board for around 14 Lakh students appeared in the examination. CBSE 10th examination that was conducted in the month of March, now evaluation of your copies has been done and the result is to be live. CBSE Board declares the result on the official website cbseresults. nic. In. You can check your result using name wise and roll no. Here on this web page we will update the 10th Result 2016 from here only you can check the result.

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CREDENTIALS   (Results of Private Candidates)

We are reducing the curiosity of such students by informing them that their CBSE Class 10th Results 2016 will be updated on the official website today on 28th May 2016 before 2:00 PM

 The grades are provided as below: 

1. A1 –> for 91 to 100 marks ( grade point is 10) 
2. A2 –> for 81 to 90 marks ( grade point is 9) 
3. B1 –> for 71 to 80 marks ( grade point is 8 )
4. B2 –> for 61 to 70 marks ( grade point is 7) 
5. C1 –> for 51 to 60 marks ( grade point is 6) 
6. C2 –> for 41 to 50 marks ( grade point is 5) 
7. D –> for 33 to 40 marks ( grade point is 4) 
8. E1 –> for 21 to 32 marks ( no grade point) 
9. E2 –> for 00 to 20 marks ( no grade point)

About CBSE Board
The Central Board of Secondary Education is a educational board for public and private schools under the Union Government of India which was formed in November 03, 1962 and it is situated at New Delhi, India. Its parent organization is Ministry of Human Resource Development. It gives affiliation to the school around the India and decides its syllabus and also CBSE conducts the exam each year and reveals the results on the basis of the marks obtained by students and provides those certificates.

Some previous Results Statistics : – 

Over All Pass Percentage %
No. of Students
98.60 (Expected)
98.47 (Expected)
98.71 (Expected)
10,22,453 (Expected)

According to the above statistics, we can observe that the percentage of the results is increasing year by year. According to the table, in the year of 2015, passout percentage of the students is 98.87, but this year, we can expect that it will be increase till 99.06%. CBSE known as Central Board of Secondary Education having highest numbers of students compared to any other boards.

We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane

Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind.
Stamina may be referred as  the strength as well as the energy that oneself needed for an extended period of time.  It may also be defined as the mental exertion that is needed to perform various tasks and get through some difficult situations. Although, Improving your stamina as far as you are ready to feel and live healthier. Below are just a few of the facts for raising your stamina along with notes about possible cures. Eating a healthy diet fuel your body in the form of energy. A healthy diet results in energizing and raising your stamina. For long-lasting energy, experts have recommended that one third of your diet would contain starches and carbohydrates.As we come to cardiovascular workout that will help you to increase your overall energy level and stamina for a long period of time. For optimal health as well as for increasing stamina, make a time of a regular cardio workout. As per the research, Human services should be at least 150 minutes of modern cardiovascular exercise a week, along with strength –building.The most Important is to stay active with exercise, If you need a high stamina. It`s very necessary to stay well- rested. A good night`s rest should leave you refreshed, focused and energized. Inadequate rest, on the other side, can leave you under-performing and groggy. Improper sleep or rest may also be the reason for various health issues that indirectly impact negatively on improving your stamina

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.
A lot of people hoping to get better their physical stamina have a specific goal in mind – better and longer, sex. Sexual stamina is somewhat a matter of improving your physical fitness, so the exercise is very important, if your lovemaking sessions are repeatedly cut short or you find yourself out of breath or exhausted while sex. Chronically short lovemaking can also have a variety of medical as well as hormonal causes, though these can be rare - if you already have a perfect physical fitness but have poor sexual stamina, you may consult a doctor just in case
Coffee and various other energy drinks can be very useful if you're looking for a short-term boost for energy, caffeine can only help you to boost your energy level for a short span of time and keep focused to sky-rocket. Though, these things aren't helpful to improve long-term mental stamina, as they mostly cause a "crash" after the initial boost, that results in drowsier than you were before. They can be a habit-forming action - if you develop an addiction towards caffeine, it may lead to lose its usefulness after a  temporary pick-up.